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Many people have a fear or allergy to SPIDERS !

If you believe your home is shelter to poisonous spiders or if you're allergic, you should wear clothes and other protective clothing when gardening or working in undisturbed areas of your home.

If you are bitten, attempt to capture or at least visualize the spider so the spider can be identified. Spiders will usually only bite you if there are disturbed. If you know what the spider looks like, identification shouldn't be terribly difficult.

If you can't identify the spider, monitor the bite and any ill-effects.

If you're allergic and/or identify the spider as poisonous,

Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae, which is the Greek word for wolf. There are over 2000 different kinds of wolf spiders in the world and at least 200 k inds in the United States alone, making it likely that youíll run into one in your lifetime.

Wolf spiders are generally pretty large. On average they are at least 1/2 inch long, but plenty of wolf spiders grow over the 1 inch mark. They range in color from gray to brown with black striped patterning on their back.

The majority of wolf spiders are hunters rather than web builders. Rather than trapping bugs in webs like most of their spider brethren, wolf spiders stalk their prey and attack them with their agile speed!

Certain types of wolf spiders create their own burrows to hide in and ambush unsuspecting bug victims, while others seek shelter under rocks and logs. Wolf spiders enjoy nighttime hunting because their eyes have adapted to allow them to see easily in the dark. If you shine a flashlight across the grass one night you may be able to spot one, as their eyes will reflect t he shine with a blue-green tint.

Female wolf spiders use their webs to lay their eggs in. They then roll the webbing into a ball. After that, they attach the egg-filled web to their spinnerets and carry it around with them like some sort of bizarre baby spider backpack. When the babies have hatched, they then climb up onto their motherís abdominal area and hitch a ride for awhile until they are ready to go out on their own.

The sight of tons of little spider babies crawling all over their motherís back is one you wonít soon forget.

If you have spider problems,
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